Ahhhh you're art is so beautifullll~ I love your Reimu and Chrissy drawings the most. You deserve more notes... It saddens me that you don't have enough. . 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。

oh gosh I’m so sorry anon ;-;;; I am late to this but waaah thank you so much!! Makes me happy you think that ;o; <33 tho I’m happy enough to have such kind people like you to see my art :’D

Alsooo taking a mini hiatus for now :’3 gotta deal with school
(Tho I’m still drawing daily sooo expect a huuuuge out burst soon lol;;;)

# dj speaks
# lol

aww I hope you guys know that I don’t exactly post my daily draws up to date X’D;;

I mostly do on twitter (tho gosh I needa catch up still;;)

so yeah if anyone ask I’m totally cool with sharing my twitter to all you guys owo <3

Day 102
Fabric child

Day 101
Drew my oc himeka
(I needa research kendo gear more;;)

Day 100
Drew Lloyd for my 100 pic :’D

Day 99
I’d wear these clothes

Day 98
Drew noil’s ralphh
(Looking forward to your games *-*)

Day 97

Day 96
Cake on the head bunny gal~